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C. Picara Vassallo



Integral To My Healing Journey

"I have been working with Picara on a weekly basis for over a year now, and my experience changes and grows with every treatment. As someone who was new to acupuncture, at first it was very uncanny how in tune Picara is with me, my needs, and my energy level on any given day. Many times words do not need to be spoken...she just gets me. This is her gift, it is her true calling. Picara is compassionate and strong, supportive and challenging. She knows me better than I know myself some days, consistently motivating me to make healthy choices and better decisions - physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Picara plays an integral part in my healing journey as I search to find balance in my life. Her commitment is comes from a place of love." - Lynn W, marketing 

Profound and Permanent Energy Shifts

"Picara's healing presence is so powerful, its palpable.  Although I have only seen her a few times, the energy shifts, both physical and spiritual, have been profound and permanent. Her caring and compassion know no bounds. She is a true healer in the ancient sense of the word and I feel so very blessed to know her."  - Colleen M., psychologist

A Highly Intuitive Healer

"I met Picara a little over two years ago.  I have seen her numerous times for Acupuncture and each and every time I have experienced healing.  Picara is highly intuitive and not only uses her skills as an acupuncturist but also as a healer.  She listens, assesses in a non-judgmental way, offers the Divine wisdom that flows through her so effortlessly, and gives advise on how we can participate in our own healing.  This gives us the opportunity to feel and be empowered.  I love Picara and the work she does.  Simply beautiful!" -Deanna F., spiritual medium 

Magical, Non-Negotiable Support

"Picara is a true healer. Her intent and focus is magical. Her healing support is non-negotiable for anyone wishing to further the health and happiness of the entire planet. With her support, all things are possible." Jessicka C, Creative Human Capital 

Essential for Both Healing and Prevention

"I have, over the years, relied on acupuncture as a mainstay of my health and wellness -both for preventive care as well as to help with the healing of torn muscles, menopause, auto-immune deficiency and other issues.  I must say that Picara's ability as a healer has surpassed all of my former experience.  She is quite amazing!  Picara is a natural, talented and committed healer.  Her skill goes so deeply beyond the "normal" or suspected diagnosis and she has a sense of the body and its ability to naturally heal that I have yet to encounter.  She provides care in a beautiful space, with a gentle and wise healing touch. Thank you Picara, you are a gift!" - Diane M., business & personal development coach

Miraculous Physical Recovery

"The work I have had done with Picara has been nothing short of miraculous. I have been seeing her for chronic stomach issues and I can tell you that my digestion has improved ten-fold. She has literally stimulated my system to start working properly and has relieved any pain I have had. I also was treated for occipital neuralgia and with the help of an E-Stim machine plus the needles, my condition drastically improved. I have nicknamed Picara the witch doctor and will continue to see her on a regular basis." - Jen R., casting director

Lighter, Clearer and More Myself

"Picara is kind, gentle and extremely intuitive -- she always knows exactly what it is I need to push through. I always leave feeling a little bit lighter, clearer and more myself than I was when I got there.  I've also watched it have a strong impact on others I know.  We are living happier, fuller lives because of the work we've done with Picara." - Laura G., playwright  

More Fluid, More Relaxed and More Connected

"I am an acting coach and psychotherapist. I send a client to Picara when I feel some emotion, energy is stuck in a person's body and needs to be moved. Picara has the ability to pinpoint what is operating and the skill and experience to shift it. I find after people see Picara, their energy is more fluid, more relaxed and more connected. Her ability to create a safe environment is unparalleled mixed with her sharp intuition making for a highly valuable experience. I strongly recommend her work and her spirit." - Clyde Baldo, acting coach

Knee Pain is Gone in One Session

"I had knee pain from a hiking trip that was not going away. With her help it was gone in one session. She has also helped to clear my head multiple times when I was emotionally compromised. Her vast knowledge of natural health and Chinese medical principles are supported by intuitive wisdom and a gentle but confident touch. The difference that Picara has made in my life is priceless! One amazing Healer!"     Michael D., nurse 

Truly Dedicated to Her Patients

"What I find special about Picara is not only her gentle and effective touch but her true caring and dedication to her patients. She immediately responds to any question or concerns and will go out of her way to help you. She connects with you and works with you. Her reassuring spirit and expert skill has nourished both my body and soul. She is a healer in every sense of the word."  - Ruth M, educator

Rapid Recovery from Shoulder and Rotator Cuff Injury

"I recently injured my shoulder and rotator cuff and had been rehabilitating both using what I consider traditional western medical treatment.  After the 8 weeks prescribed, I had made little progress and could still barely raise my arm above my head.  After 1 acupuncture session with Picara, I realized immediate results. My shoulder responded quickly and over the next 10 weeks I rapidly improved. Today, my shoulder is almost fully restored and I have regained most of my range of motion.  In addition to rehabilitating my shoulder, Picara has helped me in other areas of my life.  She uses a unique mix of Eastern and Western medicine and philosophies to provide advice, guidance and healing in many aspects of life.  Picara is a wonderful and caring person and I am thankful for all the help she has given me."   - Brian R, finance

Focused, Energized, and Rarely Affected by Allergies

"I came to Picara initially to get help with concentration, energy, and increased blood flow while I was studying for a difficult exam. Her treatments immediately made a difference in my concentration and general mood.  I have continued to see Picara ever since for allergy treatments and herbs, which have been incredible.  I used to spend every Spring and Summer on multiple allergy pills/drops to get through; this year, I've barely needed anything except the herbs and an occasional treatment.  I'm now a solid believer in the power of acupuncture!"- Luke L., entrepreneur  

Calm, Creative and Productive

"One day after acupuncture, I feel great. I have all my usual energy back. And I feel calm, creative, and productive. Thank you for your great work."  - Phil R., insurance