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5 Super Simple Stress-less Weight Loss Tips

Picara Vassallo

The number one New Years Resolution for 2012 was weight loss according to the University of Scranton Journal of Clinical Psychology.

The same study showed that 75% of people maintained their resolution through the first week of January.  By the end of the month, that number had dropped to 64% and within 6 months, less than 46% of people were still dedicated to their resolution.

As you might have read in my last blog post, it's really important to make your new years resolutions simple, easy to implement and low in stress.

Here are my 5 super easy tips to help you simply start to lose weight now.

  1. Throw our your junk food.  Clear out your fridge, freezer, and pantry of all of the foods that trigger binge eating or are truly empty calories.  If they aren't there, you won't be so tempted.  It will also make you more conscious about when you do eat those foods.
  2. Tell others your goals.  Pick someone in your life that's a great cheerleader who will hold you accountable that you can call when you feel like you are ready to buy a 6 pack of cupcakes from Crumbs.  And eat them all.  Yourself.
  3. Get more water.  Dehydration can mask as hunger.  Keep a water bottle handy and drink as much as possible throughout the day.  A study in 2010 that was done by Virginia Tech showed that dieters who drank water before meals ate less and also lost more weight than those who did not.
  4. Eat protein first thing in the morning.  If you aren't eating breakfast you can really benefit by adding protein first things in the morning.  This could be eggs or leftovers from the night before or a high quality protein powder.  It can boost your weight loss by 25%! A Study in the European Journal of Endocrinology stated that 30g of protein in the morning will help increase growth hormone production which can help increase muscle gain and increase fat loss.  Protein will also keep you more satiated throughout the day.
  5. Slow down.  Being a little mindful of how you are feeling while you eat can make a big difference.  Are you speed eating? Eating out of stress? Take a few bites and take a break.  Breathe.  Halfway through your meal, stop.  Give yourself a minute to process what you've eaten and give it some time to settle.  This will improve digestion but also help you assess how full you are so you are less likely to overeat.

Psst - be sure to come out to my weight loss seminar this weekend!  Same seminar is offered on Saturday and Sunday so there's no excuse not to come by.  What I've mentioned here is just the tip of the iceberg!  Find out what you need to keep moving forward with your weight loss and healthgoals.

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