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C. Picara Vassallo


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How much fun are you having?

Picara Vassallo

"How much fun are you having?"

This question was posed to me at the very beginning of summer.  And the answer was "very little."  Okay, really, it was more like "none."

No fun. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

I had spent my Spring pushing, striving, trying to grow and make changes in my life towards a vision that I thought was going to make me happier.  But, something was off.  And instead, it just felt like mounds of work and drudgery.

Summer is, by it's very nature, a season of fun.  It's a time when we are warm, joyous, celebratory.  We get together with friends, we laugh and play.  We connect and communicate and fall in love.

I had made up my mind.  I was going to have fun this summer.

And so I've posted less blog entries and updates to FB and twitter.  I didn't worry about my practice or push to grow it.  I worked a little less.

Instead, I made time to go out for raw oysters at happy hour,  I watched the sun set from my rooftop with a glass of wine,  I went to classes and lectures I've wanted to attend.  I wandered around museums.  I met new people and made fresh connections.  I celebrated at birthday parties and bachelor parties.   I watched youtube videos, sent silly photos of cats to friends for no reason, and I attended what may have been the most ridiculous event ever.   I even went paragliding for the first time just because it sounded like a good time (and it was)!

It wasn't just a bunch of raving crazy running around, staying up all night kind of "fun" but a meaningful, heart warming, nourishing kind of fun.  I feel fed on a deep level.  I felt open and warm and alive. And, there's a great sense of satisfaction, a desire to say "ahhhhhhh" at the end of the day.

When we can embrace the emotion of the season, there's always an opportunity for healing.  I feel like my heart is healing from disappointment, over-work, exhaustion.  I'm remembering what it feels like to expand with joy and to receive the radiance that emanates from it.  I'm reminded how to bring a little fun to everything - even the tough moments, the struggles, and the challenges.

Fortunately, the summer isn't over yetand I'm making sure I enjoy every last bit of it - especially since in Chinese Medicine, there's a fifth season that is coming up fast - Late Summer.  And while it's got it's own qualities, I'm going to remember to bring a little joy to it.

Everything is better with a little fun.  Make sure you are getting yours this summer.