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C. Picara Vassallo

The Energetics of Spring Cleaning


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The Energetics of Spring Cleaning

Picara Vassallo

The energy in our home can directly effect the energy in our bodies. If you are living in a space that is dirty, old or has been neglected you may notice you feel tired or run down while there. If there is a lot of emotional turmoil in the space or if someone very ill was there for a long period of time, you may feel that it’s harder to stay healthy in that space.

Even the least spiritual people will tell you a room feels different when it's been cleaned verses when it’s filthy.   It’s important to clean out the spaces you spend the most time in - physically and energetically - especially if you are trying to heal, because your environment has an impact on how you feel.

While we all think of Spring as the time to open the windows, clean out the cupboards and reorganize our closets, the truth is that each season has a specific type of cleaning that goes with it. You can do all types of cleaning any time of year, but by focusing on the cleansing properties of the season you are in, you can work with the cycles of life to get the best results.

Here’s the quick breakdown of seasonal cleaning strategies:

Fall cleaning is all about letting go of that which does not serve us. It’s time to throw away the trash. Get rid of all of the things that we don’t use, don’t like, are broken or useless. It’s about scrubbing away old debris, tossing things that are falling apart or beyond repair. If you don’t do this, you end up bringing your junk into the winter with you. Energetically, it feels like keeping your garbage in the kitchen all winter, letting it rot during the time of year you are inside the most. Not so pleasant, right?

Winter is about introspective cleaning. This could be about actual items or concepts. The items that you didn’t ditch in the fall, you get a chance to sit with and contemplate. Does this mean anything to me? How important is this item in my life? Does it truly serve me? And, what about my life? Am I keeping that which helps me express who I am and live most fully into my life or are there behaviors, ideas, patterns that I’m ready to let go of because they aren’t in alignment with who I am?

Spring is about organizational cleaning. You spent the winter getting clear on what really matters to you. Now you have an opportunity to get rid of that which isn’t functional or just doesn’t serve you anymore. You can make sure the useful items are in order, ready to go for whatever you have planned to implement. Spring cleaning is all about the preparation of those valuable items so you can move forward, create, and grow.

Summer cleaning is all about releasing any last bit of clutter, finding a home for little items that are still getting lost in the shuffle, and expressing yourself with your finishing touches. Creating warmth and openness in your home is the focus and it’s an opportunity to invite others into your space, to celebrate and be joyous together. If you’ve been doing your cleaning the rest of the year you’ll be ready and have the space you need to fully enjoy your home and all the abundance.

Since we are in Spring, here are a few ideas to fit the season that you can implement:

1. Bring Plants Into Your Space - Spring is all about new growth so potted plants that bloom are idea for this time of year, but cut flowers or long lasting, easy to maintain green potted plants will also be a welcome addition.

2. Organize Your Drawers - This is the best time of year to re-organize your cabinets, dressers, and drawers.  Adding labels, find a new location that is more functional, move items into specific bins or drawers - these all help keep you organized and ready for your next move.

3. Move it to Storage - If you aren’t using it now yet you deem it valuable enough to keep, put it away.  If you have to put it in storage to get it out of the way, then do so. Get your spring clothes front and center, pack away the heavy winter items and you’ll be fully prepared to embrace Spring (and before we know it, Summer!)

4. Make a To-Do List - Write out your home goals for the Spring. Get clear on what longer term changes you want to make so that you can prepare and implement like a pro. Want to re-do your entire closet? Paint your apartment? Get a new rug or couch? This is the time to make your list, set some due dates, make a plan and start making it happen. Listing out your plans will keep you focused and organized so you can take that Spring energy and put it to good use.

5. Set an Energetic Intention - It can be very useful to create an energetic intention for your space this season. Take some time to sit quietly and consider the energy that you want to invite into your home this Spring. Is it more creativity? Love? Abundance? Peace? When you are clear about what you want, write it down on a piece of paper. You can put that paper into the soil of a potted plant in your home or dedicate a crystal or stone to that intention and put it and the paper in a special place. You can come back to this intention whenever you would like to help keep the energy in your space dedicated to your dreams. You can do this again at each season with a new intention or a similar one.

Happy Space Clearing!