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C. Picara Vassallo

The Sweetest Season


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The Sweetest Season

Picara Vassallo

It’s Late Summer and the earth is in full bloom with fruits and vegetables.  It’s a delicious season, Late Summer. The taste of this season is sweet and at it’s best, it’s a season of “mmms” and “yums” as we bite into juicy stone fruits and fresh corn on the cob.   It’s picnics and BBQs with those we care about, eating delicious food and quality time spent with our community.  Energetically, as we reap the harvest of the investment of the previous months, we open ourselves to taking it all in with ease and comfort,  allowing ourselves to be nourished and to be generous.

But when our earth element isn’t in balance, our late summer can become oppressive, heavy and lethargic.  There’s neediness, whining and worry.  Sometimes there’s a lack of sympathy when others are in need or digestive problems can arise or we can feel lazy and unmotivated.

It’s often not my favorite season due to the weather that it brings - thick, soupy humidity that makes me feel sluggish and bogged down. But, this year, it feels a lot more bearable and even enjoyable.  I’ve been able to get in touch with my own needs and expand my ability to receive.  I’ve indulged and deeply enjoyed the fruits of the season, cooking for others, and sharing. I’ve also been more appreciative of the generosity of others and had more compassionate when it comes to other’s neediness.

I had a great earthy late summer moment a few weeks ago...  I was headed to the train station in Delaware to go back to the city after a long day at the office.  There was a mix up with my train times and I had run over with my last client, putting me behind schedule.  I called my parents to let them know I’d be going right to the station.

“What are you going to do about dinner?” they asked me.  I told them I’d figure something out, somewhat brushing off my own needs as I knew the Wilmington train station didn’t have any real food.  Instead of letting me get away with this comment, my parents both hopped into their car and headed to me, food in tow.  They spotted me parking and stopped in the middle of the street, ran out to give me a hug and a kiss and hand me a bundle of food.  They waved goodbye as I rushed up to catch my train.

That night was warm and thick and as I opened my dinner, the fragrance of the lush summer foods came wafting out filling the air.  There was a crisp salad with the most delicious fresh tomatoes along with grilled meat and a myriad of sweet corn and other vegetables.  It was a meal that felt so nourishing and abundant.  And the delivery - straight from my parents, prepared with love and rushed to me to make sure I was well fed - it was an ultimate late summer moment. I felt cared for and nourished and touched by their generosity and sympathy.  And most of all, I felt comfortable with my needs, open to receiving and enjoying the gift.

As the sweetest season comes to a close, I encourage you to look back at the moments of generosity that you gave and received this Late Summer.  Find the moments of community and shared time and space, the ways that you got sweetness out of your food and out of your experiences. Bring some gratitude to those experiences and memories and ask yourself how you can finish this season with more sweetness in your life - how you can make life delicious!