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C. Picara Vassallo

Ready for Soft Skin and Some Pampering?


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Ready for Soft Skin and Some Pampering?

Picara Vassallo

“You like being luxurious, don’t you?” 

A friend recently asked me this and yes, yes, it’s true.  Somedays I just need to pamper myself with a long soak in the tub, a glass of wine in my robe and a good book by candlelight.

I was craving one of those days this weekend and was feeling the need to give my skin some serious love, which is appropriate for this time of year.  You see, the fall is the season representing our skin and it’s a common time for our skin to become dry or sensitive.  Our skin is our barrier with the outside world and it expels and protects us from toxins and pathogens.  It is also our boundary with other people.  If you have ever felt like someone was “in your space” or that you needed someone to “back up” then you were truly feeling your skin and it’s job of creating a clear line between you and others.  

Despite the fact that our skin plays such a major role (it is our largest organ after all!) we don’t always treat it with as much love as we could.  A great way to give your skin a little lift is to exfoliate and moisturize (and luxuriate a little in the process) and that’s exactly what I did with these homemade recipes.

First, I put on a nice honey and yogurt face mask.  This mask is soothing, cooling and nourishing and made my face feel fresh and soft.  Since I had some raw sheep kefir, I started with that although any high quality, high fat yogurt will work. The fat in sheep’s milk is higher than in cow’s milk, so this kefir is super thick and full of probiotics which makes for an extra creamy and bacteria rich base.  Then I added some raw unfiltered honey which is also very moisturizing and soothing to the skin. I wanted a little exfoliation so I added in ground almond meal.  You can ground some almonds yourself if you’ve got the right equipment or you can do what I did which was buy some almond meal from Trader Joe’s.  Here’s the basic recipe - it’s seriously delicious so don’t worry if you end up eating whatever is left over just try not to lick it off of your own face :-)

2 Tablespoons of full fat yogurt

1 Tablespoon of honey

2 Tablespoons of almond meal

Mix together and apply to the skin, rubbing it in a circular motion.  

You can add to a teaspoon of lemon juice or if you have dry skin and don’t want the exfoliation, substitute 1 Tablespoon of cooked oatmeal for the almond meal.

If you have acne, you can actually dissolve about 5 tablets of uncoated aspirin into the yogurt (you can add a little water if that helps) to help with any inflammation and substitute Manuka honey for the regular honey for it’s healing properties.

Leave the mask on for up to 10 minutes and then gently rinse of with warm water.

I put this mask on a bit before hopping into the shower and washed it off there.

But, right before I got into the shower, I gave myself a nice scrub down with a Coconut Oil Celtic Sea Salt Scrub with Essential Oils that I made.  I spread it all over my body while my skin was dry and once I was well coated, I turned on the shower and used my loofah to very gently cleanse my skin.  Since sea salt can be drying, you don’t want to use this scrub every day.  And, you want to be careful about the bottom of your tub getting a little bit slick after you use it.  Otherwise, this is a great recipe and my skin now feels soft, smooth and hydrated.  Here’s the recipe:

1/2 Cup Coconut Oil (or almond oil or olive oil based on your preference)

1/2 Cup fine sea salt (I used a Celtic sea salt or you can use sugar)

5 drops of essential oils or 1 teaspoon vanilla extract or the inner scrapings of a vanilla bean

1 quartz crystal (optional)

Mix the ingredients together and place into a dry container.  The oil will likely start to separate, but that’s not a problem as you can just give it a stir with your fingers before using.  Apply over your body but be careful about using it on your face, especially if you have sensitive skin.

You can substitute sugar for the salt if you have very sensitive or thin skin as the sea salt can be a little rough on delicate skin.

Finally, I put an activated quartz crystal in my scrub for it’s healing properties. I love double terminated quartz crystals for their ability to protect the body and mind from harm, increase healing and help you maintain your energy, and symbolize patience and perseverance.  So, I threw it in at the end to super charge my scrub with extra energy.

Any crystal that is safe in salt, oil and water would be fine to put into your scrub to infuse it with their particular powers. The scrub will also cleanse the crystal energetically too. 

So, now you have no excuse - get to work on pampering yourself and your skin as soon as possible.