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C. Picara Vassallo

The Glamour of October


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The Glamour of October

Picara Vassallo

October is many people’s favorite month, especially on the East Coast where the sky tends to be blue, the air is crisp and the temperatures moderate. 

As my teacher, Thea, was saying last weekend, this time of year has a glamorousness to it.  The trees in New England are just “voguing” with gorgeous changing colored leaves. There’s so much lush green, yellow and orange produce that you can’t eat it fast enough.   The farmers markets are flush with bright colored apples and the ground is full of plump pumpkins. It’s just a spectacular time full of richness

Emotionally, it’s also a time of elegance and grace.  You can especially see this in New York City as the beauty of fall fashion is presented and black tie masquerade balls celebrate the classiness of the season. 

But, by November, most of that is gone.  The leaves have fallen from the trees, there’s no more squash to be had or apples to be picked.  The days are really getting shorter and colder and darker. The land is no longer colorful but drab and grayThis is the second half of fall which reminds us of endings, loss and grief. We pull together the last of the abundance for Thanksgiving as we begin feeling how much the richness has dwindled and how emptiness has come to fill it’s place.  

So while we are in this first half of fall, with it’s beauty taking center stage, this is a perfect time to ask yourself:

  1. Where is there beauty in my life?  Can I appreciate the richness in every day moments and the special and uniqueness of what is around me?  
  1. What is valuable? If I lost something I cared about, how would I feel? What did I value about that person, experience or thing?
  1. What am I willing to let go of? Can I release the item or person, while simultaneously keeping my awareness of what I valued about it? Can the parts of love still live in my heart even after they are tangibly gone?

By asking myself these questions, I allow myself to really revel in and luxuriate in everything I cherish.  So, when the deep dark winter arrives (always more quickly than I expect) I won’t be completely alone... I’ll have the values and beauty I cultivated in the fall to take with me into the new year.