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Sleep Sleep Sleep!

Picara Vassallo

Sleep Sleep Sleep!

Many of my clients are coming in to see me and saying the same thing: “I’m tired.”  They follow up by saying they “don’t know why” and they wonder if something is “wrong.”  

In Chinese medicine, health is about being in synch with nature and our environment.  Right now, each day is getting shorter and the nights are longer which is a sign to our body to sleep more.  Feeling like you are ready for bed at 8:30pm is not a surprise - the sun went down 4 hours earlier.  Melatonin production is going up at an earlier hour than at any other time of year.  We have this wonderful opportunity now to recharge our reserves and store up energy for the rest of the year.  

But, instead, most people are staying up late going to holiday parties or running errands late in the evening to finish shopping for gifts.  Everyone has more to do during the holiday season, which means more stress and less sleep.  It’s a terrible combination, really.  

I know how scarce time can be (especially living in fast paced New York City).  Here are some tips to getting your extra rest in so you can fuel up instead of burning out.

  1. Get into bed early - Pretty much as early as you can, get into bed.  If this means DVRing your favorite shows, do it.  Lay in bed in the darkness and rest until you fall asleep.  Even if it’s 30 minutes earlier, your body will thank you
  2. Eat earlier or lighter - Try to get your last meal of the day in earlier or eat a lighter meal at night so you can get to bed a little earlier without a full stomach, which can make it hard for some people to sleep.
  3. Sleep in - This may be impossible on weekdays but on the weekends, do everything you can to sleep in.  Any extra time sleeping is going to help. You may have to get up to feed the kids or take out the dog, so maybe the next option is a possibility
  4. Naps - I am a BIG fan of naps.  I can’t really nap in the summer - I’m just too full of energy.  But, in the winter, I love a good afternoon nap.  
  5. Magnesium Oil - If you have trouble sleeping, use magnesium oil on your skin.  It’s a mineral that’s hard to digest internally, but absorbs beautifully through your skin.  Most of us are deficient in it and it helps with restful sleep as well as stress. Contact me to pick up some magnesium oil.

Happy Sleeping!