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C. Picara Vassallo

Celebrating the Harvest Moon / Autumn Equinox


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Celebrating the Harvest Moon / Autumn Equinox

Picara Vassallo

Celebrating the Harvest Moon / Autumn Equinox

Rituals representing the cycles of the year have existed for thousands of years around the world.  Many of these traditions have become lost or devoid of energy through the years.

But, these special times of year are full of potential magick and untapped energy.

The Autumn equinox marks a time when day and night are equal.  Light and dark are just as powerful and meaningful.  We have the opportunity to see for ourselves how we are in balance in our receiving and our letting go.  It’s a time of forgiveness, and a time for gratitude.  This marks the end of the second harvest, the reminder that soon the land will be barren.  We can use this time to celebrate and to give thanks, to look back on our year and to see what we have cultivated.  We start to turn inward and prepare ourselves for the inevitable Winter.  It’s also a time to give back, to be charitable and generous.  

Here are some wonderful ways to celebrate today’s Harvest Moon and Autumn Equinox:

  1. Have a Fall party - invite people over to celebrate the last of the second harvest.  Cook fall foods such as apple pies and cider, pumpkins and squashes.  Romans marked the Fall Equinox as the Festival of Dionysus (God of WINE!) so bring out grapes and open up some good vino!  
  1. Give Back - Giving back to something bigger than yourself, like an organization or a charity, is an important part of this time of year.  Pick a charity and do a 5k, or collect food for a homeless shelter, or make a donation to an animal rescue organization.  Or, give back some of your time to an organization that touches you.
  1. Gratitude List - Make a list of 10 things that you are grateful for this year.  Look back at how you have grown, what has changed, the gifts you have received, the work that you have put in to get the results you’ve achieved.  Write these up and put them away to re-open at the Spring Equinox.  
  1. Tap Into Moon Energy - the moon is believed to carry with it great energy. It is, after all, just a reflection of the sun’s light.  The moon has a profound effect on water, a major part of our physical makeup, which means we can benefit from the moon’s energy.  If you can get outside and under the moon the next few days, take in her energy.  Feel how balanced nature is at this moment and see if you can accept nature’s offer to be in harmony for yourself.  Meditate, relax and recharge.