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Day #2 - Craving Comfort

Picara Vassallo

Day #2 - Craving Comfort

I was up super early for my BNI networking meeting this morning where they had all sorts of foods laid out for me to remind me what I could not eat.  Yogurt, granola, little mini muffins that my friend pointed out “Oh my gosh - these taste like carrot cake!”  Ugh. I was feeling a little sluggish - not sure if it was the gloomy weather or just a no gluten/sugar/dairy hangover.  I made it through eating some berries knowing that I was going to get a workout in shortly and didn’t want a full stomach for that.  Had a nice big protein shake after that and a delicious wild caught dover sole that I cooked in a blend of chives, dill, and peppercorns with some olives for lunch.  YUM!

But, my afternoon hit me hard and I really wanted something else after lunch. I just couldn’t tell what.  You know that feeling, right?  You stand in front of the fridge with that terrible lighting shining out and stare inside like the answers to all of your problems will be solved with that perfect food.  “Oh, it’s ice cream! That’s totally what was missing in my life!”  And then you eat it and are like, “Yeah, maybe not quite it.”

So,  I had a few minutes before a phone session and I decided to sit down and attempt to feel deeply within myself what it was that I wanted.  What came up was a sense of wanting to feel warm, cozy and comfortable.  This made sense as my day was jam packed with lots of (wonderful) work but no real down time.  What could I do?

The answer came quickly - change into something really comfortable, get my coziest blanket out and make some tea.  I created a nice soft warm atmosphere for myself and settled in before the session.  I made some tea with a heavy handed dose of warm cashew milk and a touch of cinnamon and stevia.  It was divine.  Warm, creamy, slightly sweet. I felt completely satisfied before my call and all the cravings went away.  

The rest of my day was so busy that I missed most of my evening cravings because I was so ready for sleep by the end of the day that nothing else mattered. I’m grateful I got that little moment in the afternoon to nurture myself, emotionally and physically, not just by downing some chocolate and ignoring my feelings

If you want to indulge in my tea recipe you’ll probably want the cashew milk recipe below. It’s super easy if you have a blender. I also use this milk to make chia pudding which I’ll be making (and posting the recipe for) this weekend!


Raw Cashew Milk:

- soak 1/2c raw cashews for an hour or more

- drain them, discarding the liquid

- add the cashews to the Vitamix (or other blender) along with 2c of water 

- add cinnamon, or any other extracts you like such as vanilla or almond

- touch of sea salt (optional)