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Day #3 - Full Moon Delaware Day

Picara Vassallo

Day #3 - Full Moon Delaware Day!

Whew! Did you all feel that full moon on Wednesday?  What a kicker.  Very intense, very emotional.  Lots of clients and friends were texting me that energy was stirred up, they were feeling anxious and overwhelmed. 

It didn’t help that this all happened on a Wednesday, when I wake up well before the sun to catch a train to DE, work all day, then grab an 8:45pm train back to the city.  I crawled into bed around 11:30pm last night and promptly passed out.  Thursday mornings I do my best to sleep in
 but my cats always have other plans.

While Wednesdays are longs days, they are unbearable if I don’t get enough food so doing this diet and traveling and having a full day of treating patients on a full moon while my hormones are raging?  Okay, that’s kinda my edge.  These are the days I’d like a teleportation machine and a personal traveling chef. Alas, no such luck. (unless you are holding out on me and know something I don’t know??)

Despite feeling a bit stressed out today, I held strong. I persisted.  And I laughed.  As a wise person once told me, it doesn’t have to be fun to be fun, right? :-)

I have to say, leftovers are my saviour in these traveling situations.  I’ve learned from traveling every week how to keep my leftovers organized in the fridge so that the whole process of packing my food takes 5 minutes. I’ve got great travel containers that lock and don’t leak, which is also totally necessary. 

Here’s what I brought with me that got me through the day:

  • Leftover wild caught dover sole
  • Leftover heritage pork chop
  • The last of this week’s bone broth in a glass jar
  • Leftover mung bean noodles
  • A bag of mache salad
  • Container of steamed swiss chard and kale
  • Some fermented veggies & black olives
  • Pint of blueberries
  • Plain rice cakes slathered with almond butter
  • Vegan protein shakes
  • A big bag of raw mixed nuts
  • Package of seaweed
  • Big thermos of water

Since I have access to a fridge at work, whatever doesn’t get eaten will come back with me or be my late night snack on the train home.  And I do my best to leave any condiments at the office (sea salt, nut butter, olive oil, tea) I’ve got some of my non-perishable staples always in my food bag (protein shakes, nuts, seaweed snacks) in case I bring too little food and really need something.

I still wanted some sea salt dark chocolate on the ride home.  And some of my favorite traditional licorice.     

But, I sucked it up and instead used my special pillow to rest and meditate on the train as best as I could.  I felt a little more relief that another day was under my belt.