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DAy #10 - The "Half Way" Report

Picara Vassallo

Day #10 - Half Way Report

Yay! I’m half way through the diet and today was the first day that I felt absolutely no desire for sugar.  It felt like an eternity to get here, but I’m glad I stuck it out even if I had to be at a French bakery, a high quality chocolate shop, and a bar for a party where there were hors d'oeuvres being passed around right under my nose! And of course I wanted to eat the almond croissant, the chocolate truffles and have a big glass of wine.  But, it didn’t really take away from my experience with my friends by not eating those things. I was still able to connect with them and share time with them and I didn’t let the diet get in my way.

So, what has changed in 10 days of no sugar?  

What’s improved:

  • My digestion and elimination is much better.  Everything is moving appropriately and I feel lighter and less weighed down
  • All mucus is gone.  I didn't even realize how much phlegm I had until it disappeared entirely.
  • Feeling more mindful of what I’m eating and in general, more clear headed
  • Energy levels are more stable and less up and down
  • Instead of eating sugar I’m accessing my emotions and dealing with whatever comes up when I have a craving.  This has created a lot of insight on how I manage emotions.

What hasn’t improved:

  • My skin is still dry (although the weather is probably part of the culprit).  I’ve still got some hives coming and going so there may still be a food I’m allergic to that I don’t know about.
  • I still get bloated sometimes, mostly after I eat a lot of veggies.  But, it’s temporary and usually goes away quickly where before my bloating would linger for days.


While I’m eating foods that I enjoy during this diet, there is a pleasure I get from eating international foods, exotic dishes, and from fine dining that I don’t ever want to have to give up full time.  Yes, I'm sure that the chemicals produced in my body when I have some decadent dark chocolate or some exceptional red wine are part of the joy, but it's a joy that I relish.  The pleasure and experience that these food moments bring to me add richness to my life, but only when done with awareness and in moderation.  Because of this diet, I’m feeling healthier but also more appreciative of those times when I can indulge in those delicious moments because I see them as special treats.  I'm also appreciative for all of the healthy foods that I do enjoy and can get pleasure out of that are also making me stronger and healthier physically.  Being more aware of what actually feeds my body and soul has made this process well worth it so far. 

Thank you for following me up to this point and I hope you'll come with me for 10 more days to see what unfolds!