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Day #9 - FAQs

Picara Vassallo

Day #9 - FAQs

You asked, I answered.  Here are the questions I've gotten over the past week or so. 

Oh, and in case you were wondering, I've made it through another weekend without indulging.  They are certainly my hardest days and test me the most.  I also think they tell me a lot about what I'm feeling and force me to come face to face with my desires.  

Ok, on to the questions:

Why in the world are you doing this diet? It sounds awful!

I couldn’t help but laugh when I got this question.  For some people, removing foods from their diet feels like a terrible pain worse than pulling your own finger nails out.  But, for me it’s part of a process of transformation that brings joy.  It’s not that dissimilar to working out. It can feel miserable in the moment, but you know that rush of adrenaline is coming.  Even better, you know there are long term benefits. It’s not that much different with this diet. I am doing this to benefit my overall health, reduce inflammation and mucus production, minimize my addiction to sugar, improve my digestion, and to stabilize my energy levels.  There’s even a spiritual purpose for me.  When I’m eating mostly vegetables and limiting processed foods, gluten, sugar, etc I feel so much clearer.  I’m more in tune with the world around me and my intuition increases.  Yes, I might lose a pound or two in the process, but it’s more about being in touch with my body, emotions, feelings, and desires and doing what I know is best for me. 

Can you eat oats and pasta?

I haven’t had any oats but they would be a safe food. Oats trigger a hunger response in me so two hours later, I feel ravenous. Personally, I prefer oat bran which has a less carbs and more beneficial fiber and lots of minerals and vitamins.  It doesn’t seem to spike a hunger response like oats do for me either.

As for pasta, if it’s a gluten free food then it would be safe.  I have tried pastas made of beans, quinoa, and rice but I don’t seem to like how I feel after I eat them. My favorite alternative noodle would be mung bean noodles.  The only ingredients are mung beans and water and they are high in protein and fiber. Delicious and easy to make, they are one of the few pastas I eat regularly.

What about Kombucha?

Kombucha is a unique item.  It’s made with sugar but has a low sugar content because of the fermentation process involved.  It’s also got lots of probiotics which are beneficial for gut health.  It’s a qi/energy mover so I find it very useful if I’m feeling stuck or around my menstrual cycle.  Overall, I think it’s a safe item for the diet if used in moderation.   I’ve only had one bottle of it since starting and that was during my upset stomach phase. For some people with greater digestive issues, it might be used as a medicinal more frequently.

Where do you get your bones for bone broth?

I get my bones from Slanker's - Texas Grass Fed Beef.  Thanks to Ethan Baker for that tip. 

You can also order from Grass Fed Traditions

I also recommend searching for local farms in your area that may have bones for sale.  Local meat purveyors may also have bones or you can request them. Whole Foods often has bones as well - just ask someone behind the meat counter. 

What do you do about eating out?

Ah, yes.  This is where things can get tricky.  Tempting options abound and it can get confusing if you over think it.  And, honestly, some places aren’t going to have many options.  What you need to think about is veggies and protein.  Salads work if you ask for some toppings omitted or on the side.  Ask for steamed veggies to replace any item that you don’t want on the list.  See if they can cook your food in butter otherwise, rather than oil.  If there are avocados on the menu, order them on the side for a good fat, especially if you asked for everything else steamed.  I keep some sea salt on me so I use that to season food.  Also, I have these great packets of seasonings from the Spice and Tea shop.  I use these at home but they are great to sprinkle on whatever steamed items you order. 

More and more restaurants are serving vegetarian cuisine and understand food allergies so I don’t find much trouble in asking or substitutions or changes.  Grocery stores like Whole Foods are great when you are on the go.  They almost always have steamed veggies or a variety of salad options to choose from and sometimes their soups also work.  Here in NYC there are lots of great options.  I had a smoothie at One Lucky Duck, which also serves salads and other snack items.  Souen serves a great stew of veggies and fish as well as many other macrobiotic, organic vegetable based dishes.  There’s places like Hu Kitchen that are using high quality products that are vegetable based.  Most important is that you do your best to make wise choices.  It’s not about perfection, it’s about doing what you can and being mindful. 

Why aren’t you juicing?

I don’t have any issues with juicing in general, especially since it concentrates a lot of valuable nutrients, but I find it does spike my blood sugar.  If I can add oil to it, it helps a lot.  Personally, I prefer making smoothies so I can have the benefit of the fiber in the fruits and veggies with the convenience of having a meal I can take on the go.