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20 Day Diet - Guidelines

Picara Vassallo

20 Day Diet

The 20 Day Diet starts TODAY and I’m excited to get all the inflammatory, addictive, phlegm producing food out of my diet! 

The focus is to reduce overall sugar intake (even from natural products), to cut out dairy (especially processed mainstream dairy), and gluten products and limit grains and fruit in general.

This is the most restrictive diet I do and that’s why it’s my focus for only the next 20 days.  It's not going to be easy, but it's cutting out most of the items that upset my allergies, bowels, skin, blood sugar and overall inflammation levels

If you decide to join me, realize that this may or may not be right for you but it is how I do short term cleaning up of my diet. Check with your health care practitioner before you start and if you are going to come along for the ride, don’t hesitate to add in foods from the ‘plus’ list when necessary.  This isn’t about starving! It's about feeling better, gaining awareness of what you are eating and how it makes you feel.  It's about being more present and honoring yourself

Click HERE to get the diet guidelines (they are in PDF form.)

Lots more posts to come this week so keep checking the website and facebook for more updates!

In health,