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C. Picara Vassallo

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My Story

My own personal quest for healing began at a young age.  I was chronically sick with strep throat, sinus and bladder infections, digestive problems and by 18, hypothyroidism and depression.  This began my interest in the human body and how healing occurs.  Simultaneously, I had a fascination with spirituality, eastern philosophy, and psychology.  This combination lead to receiving my Bachelors in psychology with minor studies in biological basis of behavior (neuroscience) and religion from University of Pennsylvania.  In my free time, I practiced yoga, studied various self-healing techniques, meditated, and looked for practical ways to live a healthier, happier life

It was through working with acupuncturists and Chinese herbalists that I began to feel a drastic improvement in my health. Most fascinating to me was seeing that healing often happened subconsciously and sometimes spontaneously. Healing was not only physical but also emotional and spiritual.  My health can not be separated from who I am, how I show up in the world, who I'm in contact with, and the decisions I make.  The more I focused on being in harmony with my true self and with my environment, the more I healed.  The wisdom of Thea Elijah rang true to me; "You can be you or you can be sick."

I still struggle at times with life challenges and inner demons, but many of my previous physical symptoms are gone, including my thyroid disorder which has been resolved for over a decade.  My health isn't always perfect and my path is not always easy, but it is my path. It has brought me more in touch with my destiny, my truth, my happiness, my love. I know the tough spots in life are gifts, opportunities to access my true nature, to grow more fully into my life as only I can.  They also allow me to relate to client's struggles making me a more empathetic, insightful and compassionate health care practitioner.

I often ask myself: How do I make every interaction, every moment, a healing moment? How do I find a way to help others to find healing in every aspect of their life?  How do I take thousands of years of mind, body and spirit knowledge and transform it into practical practices for more joy and health in modern life?  How do I bring my personal experience and the wisdom I've gained to benefit others? These are the questions I passionately strive to find the answers to in my practice. 

When I'm not with clients, I can be found playing with my frisky cat, eating exotic international cuisine, doing numerous forms of physical activity including yoga, weight lifting, cycling classes and Pilates.  I love having new experiences, traveling internationally, and going on adventures.   I also enjoy writing poetry, drawing, riding my motorcycle, long walks and hikes in nature, quiet nights reading, and laughing as much as possible. 

Some generous and poetic people have described me as a unique and intuitive, powerful and precise, curious and kind, elegant and enthusiastic, warm and playful.  I hope to spend my life growing into a wise priestess and healer, serving others along the way with loving truth.

Thank you for sharing your journey with me.  It’s an honor, privilege, and joy!

In gratitude,

Dr. Picara