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C. Picara Vassallo


My Work

What Makes Me Different:

While highly trained in formal techniques, my talents lie in working intuitively and intimately with clients. Together, we access your inner wisdom so that your greatest gifts can be expressed in a healthy and joyful way in the world.  To do this, I customize sessions with each client’s particular goals and challenges in mind.

Types of clients who benefit from my approach:

- Anyone interested in an integrated, holistic approach to healing their acute or chronic conditions.

- Those who wish to increase personal awareness and uncover patterns in their lives through alternative methods.

-People who wish to work through grief, depression, anxiety and their symptoms in a supportive environment.

-Those who want to deepen their spirituality or sense of self.

-Those who desire to take responsibility for their own healing and

are motivated to make changes in their thoughts, deeds and lives.

-Artists and creative types looking for support in their health but also in overcoming blocks to their creativity.

The energy between practitioner and patient is of utmost importance and therefore if I do not feel there is a proper connection, I will gladly refer you to someone who I think is a better fit.  

My priority is your healing.

How We Work Together:

There are many wonderful ways to unlock your body’s innate healing ability and transform your whole life, emotionally and spiritually.

Along with acupuncture and herbs, I may use my intuitive skills, reiki, and offer spiritual guidance and practices outside of the treatment room.  Clients work with me weekly, biweekly or monthly on a short term (4-10 sessions) or long term (6 months or more) basis depending on their needs and intended results.


My Teachers: 

I have spent over almost a decade studying 5 Element acupuncture, Spirit of the Herbs, and Whole Heart Connection healing with Thea Elijah; I'm grateful for her continued mentorship.

I am currently studying Sufi Healing directly with Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe and the staff at the University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism