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C. Picara Vassallo



Free 20 minute phone consultations available by appointment.

Private, One on One Treatments

My treatments are designed to reduce your physical symptoms and identify the underlying causes of your body’s imbalance. In my practice, no matter what is happening, there is always some focus on the heart. 

That’s because in Traditional Chinese Medicine, the heart is known as the Emperor of the body. When you live in alignment with what your heart wants, your body will naturally heal itself. 

 I will ask you questions about your ailment and your overall well being -- for example, how you’re sleeping, if you enjoy your work, or if you feel happy with your relationship. Your treatment plan is guided by your physical symptoms, what your heart tells me in pulse readings, and what my intuition tells me. 

Many people tell me that, no matter what we’re working on, they feel like a better version of themselves after treatment.


Treatments Available:



- Needling is effective treatment for healing injuries, alleviating physical pain, as well as balancing emotions. 

- Initial session is 85 minutes, follow up sessions are 50 minutes, herbal consult included.

Chinese Herbs

- Specific herbal prescriptions can enhance physical healing, tone specific systems and organs, and relax and/or energize your body.

 - Initial session is 50 minutes, follow up sessions are 30 minutes, no acupuncture.

Integrated Healing

- Ideal for longer-term, intensive transformation. You will learn specific tools and techniques that you can use outside of our sessions to continue healing.   

- Integrated 85 minute session for a specific life challenge where healing and guidance is needed. Session may include acupuncture, herbs, reiki, metaphysical insight, spiritual guidance, or other tools to help you gain clarity and peace.  

Remote Healing

- Recommended for those who cannot travel to see me. From a distance, I will direct you to relax in a specific seated or reclined position while I activate acupuncture and energy points.  

- Mind, body, spirit energy healing and guidance done over the phone or internet, 50 minute or 85 minute sessions are available.

On-Location Healing

- Contact us for rates and availability  


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